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Rassegna stampa sulla censura nei confronti di Rose Borchovski

Da Crashinart di Febbraio 2010

Di seguito la notecard degli artisti  Josina Burgess
Velazquez Bonetto:

In answere of the banning of the work "susa bubbles "the  Kiss" because there was "nudity" in the art  we would like to response in the following way:

WE can make you LL a list with all the artists that from the very beginning of Art used "Nudity"in their works:
1. From Praxiteles till Pablo Picasso, From Matisse till Modigliani , from Rembrandt till Rubens,The whole Greek and Roman artforms etc etc
2. This list will be huge  because in fact ALL artists used or use Nudity in their art.
3.Many artworks in the Vatican Museum have to be removed because a lot of Nudity there!
4.All 1000 Temples from the  Chola-Raja-Raja periode in India have to be teared down because  there is a lot of  Nudity there!
5.Also a list of all  UNESCO protected artworks, They have to be banned also because they dont answere the LL standards. to much nudity here!
6. Remove all their works also from the american museums
 Better, ship them back to Europe.

 What will be left of the culture and art history and will answere to the LL standards will be :
1.The works made under Stalin, Mao and Hitler but only the portraits, because the heroic art from that period has to be banned too because a lot of Nudity there!
2.Make a exhibition with one side the banned art and at the other side the unbanned art and look where the people will go to to watch.

 Josina Burgess
Velazquez Bonetto

Il Comunicato di Rose:

ROSE SPAM; Susa banned from celebration

Hello Secondlife art Lovers:

My Susa Bubble Installation : The Kiss has been returned to me from the SL7B sims where Linden is celebrating Secondlife.  I quote “The images on your build are in violation of our general rating, to be clear: Nudity is not allowed at art events with a general maturity rating.”
 I would like to point out and educate Linden Lab that most of classic and contemporary art is based upon nudity. Not because of Sex, but because of the beauty and the vulnerability of the human body, the human body we all share and look at in the bathroom mirror in the early morning.

The story of Susa is a sweet but savage story, told in image and text, sound and installation. It is about our dark inside, but also shows how vulnerable and lonely we all can be. My art shows a naked body, but it is not about nudity or sex.

Art being shown at a public art event of Linden means pretty pictures that bring aesthetic pleasure void of all critical thinking. Culture must be "safe" / sterile, no matter how free of content that makes it. As implemented by LL, "Community Standards" means content so content less that no viewer has even a remote chance of being caused to think about anything, to question any of their values or assumptions. Safe in SL means safe from thought.

When I protested against it in the group chat I was shut out .I was told not to discuss it in SL7B Group Chat "because this isn't the place" -- because NO place is the place to discuss it -- because we don't even want to think or let others think about the ideas we don't want to think about

The worst part of censorship is not that which is censored, but the climate of self-censorship it imposes on all artists. Art is about having a voice. Art is about thinking differently and about thinking from fresh perspectives. When artists are not allowed to have a voice, culture is not allowed to progress.
When I hide my susas nakedness, I have stopped telling her story.

Nothing is more resistant to authoritarian control than a naked body. Control & conformity require uniforms. Nudity is too wild and uncontrolled. When you know my Susa Bubble story you can see it isn't really even about "nudity" but that just suggests how powerful the forces for thinking-avoidance-at-all-costs are. Better to censor the world than risk allowing in a question that could topple the status quo. Authority does not like questions. Authority does not like creativity. Authority does not like art. Authority does not like nudity.
I did not bring my installation to the celebration to publicize myself, I make in art in SL because I want to share my Susa story and touch people

Greetings Rose Borchovski

Aggiungo una nota personale: vorrei vedere la stessa indignazione mostrata dalla Community anche nelle iniziative che i gruppi italiani stanno portando avanti contro le decisioni del nostro Governo.
Inutile dire che Crashinews sta dalla parte di Rose e di tutti coloro i quali sono toccati dalla CENSURA.

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  1. "Aggiungo una nota personale: vorrei vedere la stessa indignazione mostrata dalla Community anche nelle iniziative che i gruppi italiani stanno portando avanti contro le decisioni del nostro Governo.
    Inutile dire che Crashinews sta dalla parte di Rose e di tutti coloro i quali sono toccati dalla CENSURA"


    Aggiungerei, anche da coloro che stanno partecipando alle iniziative in Second Life per la ricorrenza del 7° anniversario, in attesa di un’eventuale replica da parte della Linden

  2. Chiedo scusa se aggiungo una considerazione.

    Ma se non siamo neppure capaci di opporci ad una censura così plateale come quella a Rose Borchovski in Second Life, se gli artisti, anche i migliori qualitativamente, imperterriti vanno a esporre per 'festeggiare' il 7° anniversario (facendo la 'festa' a una grande artista, passando sopra le sue ferite)

    come possiamo sperare di opporci alla censura qui, ora, mondo reale, in Italia???

    Second Life rappresenta pur sempre una élite, specialmente per coloro che la usano con professionalità e competenza, una élite consapevole, si dovrebbe supporre...

    tutto ciò mi rattrista moltissimo

    per piacere, fate di tutto, voi che ne avete i mezzi, per aprire le menti 'migliori' che in SL si esprimono, perchè SL è pur sempre un piccolo banco di prova di quanto possiamo osar pensare di fare nella vita reale.


  3. Se ne discute qui:!/marina.bellini?v=wall&story_fbid=117616598282900